Teri Yanovitch

Teri Yanovitch is a dynamic and insightful speaker, trainer, consultant and author. She is able to bring her decades of experience to guide the creating of a culture of excellence to your institution. Higher Education is learning the power of positive branding and the value added of Service Excellence. Many colleges and universities are seeking her knowledge on how to implement a culture of excellence at their institution.

Teri honed her skills with the best of the best. As a former Disney Institute keynote speaker and seminar leader, she shared the best practices developed by the Walt Disney Company with global organizations. And, for more than a decade, she implemented cultural change with Fortune 500 companies as an executive with Philip Crosby Associates, the company that revolutionized total quality management. In 1999, Teri became one of the first consultants to merge best practices in customer service and quality management into a comprehensive system for designing and implementing world-class service on every level.

Teri is co-author of “Unleashing Excellence the Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service”, one of the nation’s top ranked books on Service Excellence.
She is also a former adjunct professor at Cornell University ILR and Rollins College.